What to wear…

Are you one of those people that agonises over what to wear almost every time that you set foot out of your front door? Well, it’s not that unusual. A lot of us take pride in our appearance and consider how we dress to be a statement of our identity. Sure there’s times when we wish we could be more carefree and relaxed in our approach to dress but let’s face it, that’s unlikely to happen. You are who you are and if your choice of attire affects your confidence, then so be it.

The fact that you go to great lengths to make the right impression suggests that you probably always look good and your efforts are likely noticed by others, even if they rarely ever compliment you. They’ve probably just come to expect it of you. So really, all that you need to concentrate on is the rules of occasion.

what not to wear when rainingBasically, what you should wear is largely dependent upon where you are going and what the weather is like. That last factor being something that most people seem to ignore. How many times have you seen a woman scantily yet elegantly and appropriately dressed for an occasion, only for her outfit to suddenly appear obviously inappropriate because she’s shivering in the cold weather.

We all know that we have to dress smart for a wedding, but factor in the seasons and it becomes a bit more complicated. Have you ever been to a beach wedding? What on earth would you wear? Imagine everyone turning up in their smart summer attire and then there’s you in your speedos!

What appropriate wear to the office these days? It used to be so simple but times have got less formal in many environments now. And boy, do first impressions count!


What about job interviews? Should you follow with tradition and still wear your best suit and tie to a interview at a trendy tech firm? Hmm… might need a rethink there. Or how about showing your prospective employer how smart you look in your casuals at a law firm interview – where they charge clients $300/hour? It’s ‘horses for courses’ and you have to get it right.

school run mumEven the school run has its complications. You want to impress the other mums right? Why? Who knows but you do. You want to look chic yet you want it to look effortless. And why not? If it makes you feel good. You want to be admired. You want to feel special. Theer’s nothing wrong with that. Other than the fact that it can be draining having to think about what to wear all the time.

And it can get very expensive having to have many outfits for every occasion. But the key is to be able to create many different outfits from a collection of carefully chosen clothing items, simply by mixing and matching to suit the occasion. It’s a tactic worth developing that can drastically reduce the amount that you spend on clothes whilst giving you the freedom to explore new outfits from your existing wardrobe.

But there are basic rules for most occasions. So, whether you’re looking for something to wear to the office, to a barbeque, a wedding, christening or funeral, that all important interview or first date… check out the articles on this site for some all-important guidance on what to wear.